Ward Councillors Report

Herefordshire Council key workers continue to deliver the most important services. As you will note the bin waste is still being collected and it is a credit to all staff that they continue to keep things going despite the challenges that remote working and focusing on providing services for the vulnerable present.

Like councils across the land we are struggling to get enough PPE, protective clothing, and getting enough masks etc. will continue to be a challenge. All residents in Herefordshire have been written to about Covid 19. 200 staff have been redeployed to deal with essential duties. There is a move to get key meetings to on line video meetings, and there is a plan to hold a cabinet meeting and when some constitutional issues have been ironed out a planning meeting will take place. Meanwhile, I envisage that the lock down will be with us for quite some time.

This is a very sad time when one reflects that there have been so many deaths. However, even in the face of such sadness it is a real opportunity to take stock and think about the way we do things and so when things return back to normal I am sure work practices will be reviewed. For example, I had a doctor’s appointment within 10 minutes via video link and it took more time to queue up for the pills. If there are any issues that need addressing please let me know and I hope you have a good meeting.

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