Remain vigilant to scams and fraud

Remain vigilant to scams and fraud

In these difficult times elderly neighbours in particular may need help with shopping, collecting prescriptions or lifts to essential medical appointments.

Detective Emma Wright from West Mercia Police said: “Whilst it is necessary during the current coronavirus outbreak for communities pull together to assist the vulnerable, it is important that people are vigilant to potential scams, which those who are isolating may be susceptible to. I would encourage anyone who is self-isolating and who needs support with groceries/supplies to be cautious and where possible only hand over cash for such items to trusted friends, neighbours or relatives. If anyone does not have such a support network then they should contact their local authority or a recognised charity, for appropriate support.

“Many local authorities are now putting measures in place to assist which we would support as a safe way of assisting those who are vulnerable.”

– remain vigilant to potential scams
– if isolated only give cash for shopping to trusted friends, neighbours or relatives
– contact council for appropriate support
– don’t advertise on your property you are self-isolating

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