Parish Council Minutes – 12th Feb 2020



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 12thFebruary 2020 in Stoke Lacy Village Hall at 7.30pm


Councillors Janet Ivison (Chairman), Anne Reece, Helen Bufton, Bill Morgan and John Westwood

In attendance: Mrs Alma Westwood (Clerk); PCSO Susan Berrett; 15 members of the public

The meeting commenced at 7.35pm


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Craig Cornish and Alastair Lewis from Herefordshire Council who were to give the presentation on Recycling


19.138 To receive and accept APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE 

Apologies received from Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester; accepted



None declared



Craig and Alastair gave a talk on what could and could not be recycled in the green household recycling bin and the kinds of materials which could be recycled but must be taken to the Household Waste Site for this purpose.  Their main message was ‘Do not produce waste if avoidable: recycle by donating to charities etc; recover; landfill.’ They explained that most non-recyclable rubbish was burned for energy and metals etc. recovered from the ash and   In response to a query, the meeting was told this country does not send its rubbish abroad for disposal any more. The Government was aiming for a more consistent service across the whole country and to have 65% recyclable by 2035 as opposed to the 40% recycled as of 2020.

At the end of their presentation, everyone was encouraged to contact Herefordshire Council’s waste management website for more information.

The Chairman thanked Messrs Cornish and Lewis for their most interesting and informative presentation.

Messrs Cornish and Lewis and 11 members of the public left the meeting at 8.50pm.


19.141 TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETINGheld on8thJanuary 2020.  These were approved and signed

The Chairman then moved that item 19.143 I and ii be brought forward; AGREED



19.143 i The Clerk gave Ward Councillor Lester’s verbal report that at the forthcoming Herefordshire Council meeting on 10thFebruary he would be urging the Council to deal with the potholes in the area

19.143 ii CSO Susan Berrett spoke about rural theft and the forcoming SmartWater roll-out to take place on 29thApril at 7pm.  The new ‘We Alert’ service via an app would be brought to the next parish Council meeting in March. People could sign up to the Rural Watch and Community Messaging services

The Chairman requested a speed check in the village, preferably by the village hall; CSO Berrett to organise; Councillor Morgan to contact Ian Conolly regarding ‘Operation Snap’ signs and a possible speed camera van for Crick’s Green

CSO Berrett left the meeting at 9.10pm

The Agenda order was then resumed



19.142 i The notes from the NDP meeting held on 5thFebruary would be presented at March’s Parish council meeting. These noted had not been forwarded to all Councillors for their attention.  The Chairman thanked the Steering Group for their work and Jo Davies for taking the notes.

19.142 ii The approval of the appointment of Mr David Nicholson as NDP Planning Consultant was held over to March’s Parish Council meeting; Steering Group was still working with him

19.142 iii Approval of the Grant application: held over till March’s Parish Council meeting

19.142 iv A report on the Public Meeting held on Wednesday 5thFebruary 2020 was delivered.  At this meeting Mrs Lynda Wilcox from HALC explained what an NDP was and what it entailed.  62 members of the public were present and it was AGREED that an NDP for Stoke Lacy Parish be made.  15 people gave their email contact details to Mrs Wilcox when she asked for volunteers to help the Steering Group as and when required, these details to be held by Mrs Wilcox and the Clerk as per GDPR.  A briefing would be sent out to volunteers via the clerk.  The Village Hall Big Breakfast would be a good event for community engagement.  Clerk to send Service Level Agreement to NDP team at Hereford for signing

Next NDP Public Meeting: Wednesday 4thMarch 2020 at 6.30pm in the village hall




.19.145 FINANCE: Current Account balance as at 1st January 2020: £7280.45

19.145 i Draft accounts from 1stJanuary to 1stFebruary 2020 as distributed:APPROVED.

19.145 ii The following payments were approved:

HALC annual subs £406.46; replacement cheque for Cider Press £400 (Nov chq mislaid)

19.145 iii Payment of expenses for NDP public meeting 5.2.2020 held over

19.145 iv Ownership of new Village website: James Wilson currently hosted and the NDP Steering Group would be invoiced for the £40 annual fee

A move to on-line banking was discussed; agreed to stay as at present for the time being


19.146 PLANNING APPLICATIONS & on-going developments

193982: Stokes Hill: retrospective permission for retention of barn for use as a cinema and gymn and retention of stables for use as ancillary residential annex, both in association with the dwellinghouse (including change of use): valid.  Retrospective planning application for the driveway to Stoke Hill: valid; retrospective permission for fishing lakes etc at Moreton Jeffries: valid

Update on Newlands and Orchard Developments

Earth bank and pipe at Newlands: Clerk was requested to contact Herefordshire Council Planning Dept. as there had been no update from the Newlands developers.  A query was raised on the public open spaces on Newlands; these were on their plans



19.147 iSpeed calming measures at Crick’s Green & 106 matters: too expensive to have a SID at Crick’s Green; a double line would suffice. Other issues see 19.143ii above

The Clerk was asked to make an appointment with Paul Hunter, 2ndor 9thMarch, 10am

19.147 ii Woodend Lane signage: clerk to pursue

19.147 iii Footpaths Report: John Thomson was thanked for his comprehensive report.  It was agreed that the give a full report to Council twice a year, at the Annual Meeting in May and in September, with updates regularly to the Clerk for information.  Responsibility: stiles were landowners’ and bridges were BalfourBeatties’.  Mr Thomson suggested a working party be formed to sort out the ‘pushed’ bridge on Little Cowarne footpath. (For CP)  Thanks to Councillor Morgan for attending the Highways course and notes thereon.  Paul Hunter to be notified of flooding outside Crossways on A465.



19.148 VE 75tth ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS Saturday 9thMay @ 3pm

It was AGREED that some of the £522.81 remaining in Parish Council funds from the Diamond Jubilee celebrations be used to fund this event, to be held jointly with the church,

Parish Council and Village Hall.  Food to be purchased, and prepared at the village hall



March/April: Anne; May/June: Bill; July/August: John; Sept/Oct: Bill; Nov/Dec: Alma; Jan/Feb: Janet etc for 2021.  It was noted Christian Meanwell confirmed that this Parish Council owns the bus shelter


19.150 TO NOTE INFORMATION SHEET and Clerk’s Report

19.150 i As already emailed: Correspondence, HALC courses, etc.

19.150 ii The Clerk was requested to contact the Community Newsletter with a request for new deliverers for the magazine in Stoke Lacy.

19.150 iii The Cider Press is looking for a new treasurer and distribution co-ordinator



Community Resilience Plan; notes etc. from NDP Steering group; possible part funding of repairs to car park near the church


The Chairman then read out a letter of resignation from Councillor John Westwood, who would be stepping down at the end of this meeting.  He was thanked for his work at a Parish Councillor over the last 6 years.  The Clerk would contact the Elections Office at Hereford to enquire how to proceed to fill this casual vacancy.




(all Wednesdays in Village Hall at 7.30pm):

2020: 11thMarch with Ian Baker, manager of Health, Safety & Resilience Team; 8thApril

Annual Meetings: 29thAprilParishioners’ Meeting at 7.00pm with NDP & SmartWater presentations;13thMay 2020: Annual Parish Council Meeting at 8pm





Signed………………………………………… Date…………………………..Parish Council M

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