Parish Council Minutes – 11th June 2020



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 11th June  2020 virtually

at 7.30pm

In light of the current Coranovirus pandemic Parish Councils are allowed to hold their meetings virtually with video links to the public


Present: Councillors Janet Ivison (Chairman), Anne Reece, Helen Bufton, Bill Morgan and James Wilson

In attendance: Mrs Alma Westwood (Clerk); 14 members of the public, some who stayed for only a few minutes

12.14 To Accept apologies for absence

None received

20.13 To receive DECLARATIONS OF PERSONAL INTEREST and written dispensation requests for Disclosable pecuniary interests on agenda items

Declaration of personal interest on Agenda Item 2017 by Councillor Bufton; Interests book signed.  Councillor Bufton would leave the meeting for this item

 20.14 To approve the Minutes of the virtual meeting held on Thursday 16th April 2020;


  20.15 To Receive Ward Councillor’s and Police Reports

No report received from Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester.

Police report received from PCSO Jack Davies posted on Parish Council website

20.16 FINANCE: Current Account balance as at 1st May 2020: £8509.76 inc. half-year precept

20.16 i Draft accounts from 1st April to 1st June 2020 as distributed: APPROVED.

20.16 ii The payment of Herefordshire Council’s invoice of £72.77 for recharge for Stoke Lacy Parish Council uncontested Parish Council elections was approved

Councillor Bufton left the meeting for the next item

20.17 TO DISCUSS AND AGREE RESPONSE TO APPLICATION No.201390: application for the erection of one wooden holiday bungalow in Woodend Lane Stoke Lacy

20.17i To receive representations from a nominated resident of Woodend Lane and any other member/s of the public: maximum time 5 minutes (2.5 minutes per speaker): two representations received, one supporting the application and the other, representing 10 people, against

20.17ii Councillors to consider and record the Parish Council’s response to Herefordshire Council’s Planning Authority on this application

The Chairman said that the Parish Council cannot and will not be drawn in to a neighbours’ dispute and therefore it has to consider this application on the guidelines given to the Parish Council by HALC

Councillor Reece thanked all who had submitted their letters and emails to the Parish Council in consideration of this application, where most of them raised the same points.  Following Herefordshire Core Strategy and HALC guidance to Parish Councils on planning matters she had concluded that there was only one point on which this Parish Council could object, that was Woodend Lane itself, although Herefordshire Highways had not raised an objection

Councillor Reece then PROPOSED that Herefordshire Planners, not Highways, be requested to make a site visit prior to the Planning meeting to see if the application meets the needs of Herefordshire Core Strategy regarding access

4 in favour, 0 against: CARRIED

Councillor Reece then PROPOSED that this Parish Council SUPPORTS this application, with the above reservation

4 in favour; 0 against:  CARRIED

The Clerk would send the Parish Council’s response on this application to Herefordshire Planning

 Councillor Bufton was invited to return to the meeting


The committee had received issues and options from the Planning Consultant; which would be sent out to Stoke Lacy residents.  Response was slower than expected because of the virus.  It was hoped to enlarge the email mailing list, GDPR compliant.  The Parish Council would be notified when the NDP committee required more help.

20.19 To note CLERK’S REPORT and Information Sheet

20.19i Bus stop: Christian Meanwell and the owner of the hedge it backs into were to meet

20.19ii Double white lines and moving the 30mph sign by Newlands: Clerk asked to pursue as a matter of urgency

20.19iii To note the Enforcement Notice issued to the owners of Stokes Hill regarding the  driveway, wall and gates following refusal of planning permission

The Chairman thanked John Thompson for his very good footpath reports

A brief discussion on the distribution of The Cider Press and The Newsletter took place


The meeting closed at 8pm





Whilst social distancing rules are in place the Parish Council is not allowed to meet in the village hall.  The date, time and manner of the next Parish Council meeting will be advertised on the Parish Council website and the Noticeboard at least 7 days before the meeting when it has been set by the Parish Council







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