Parish Council Meeting minutes – 9th Dec 2020

Parish Council Meeting 9th December 2020



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 9th December 2020 in Stoke Lacy Village Hall at


Present: Councillors Janet Ivison (Chairman), Anne Reece, Helen Bufton, Bill Morgan and James Wilson. Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester and 1 member of the public.

Councillor Anne Reece recorded the minutes due to the absence of the Parish Clerk.

20.56 To Accept Apologies for Absence

Alma Westwood, Clerk to the Parish Council.

20.57 To accept Declarations of Interest and written requests for Dispensation.      

None received.

20.58 To Approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 14th October 2020 at the Village Hall.


20.59 To receive Ward Councillor’s and Police Reports.

Councillor Lester gave a comprehensive report on the issues concerning the delayed provision of the Hereford by Pass and the cost of the latest review being in the region of £483, 000. It was interesting to note that there are 45 – 47,000 vehicle movements over the Greyfriars Bridge daily.  The Budget Consultation would obviously have a Covid 19 overspend and there would also be a reduction in some services. The Chairman asked if he could please take up the baton and look into the 106 monies that the Village had been awarded twelve months ago, with the promise of being able to get the other Village Gates and SIDS installed asap for the safety of the our Community.

20.60 Public Participation.

None received.

20.61 Finance: Current Account balance as at 9th November 2020: £16,733.16

20.61 i Draft Accounts distributed from 1st October – 1st December 2020: Approved.

20.61 ii The following payments were approved for payment: Eyelid Productions, Website support £100: Ruth Walker, Charging cable for PC laptop £20.

20.61 iii Internet Banking. This is on hold at the present moment.

20.61 iv To set Precept for 2021/2022 to include increased Insurance cover. Held over until the January meeting. Deadline for submission being the end of February 2021.

20.61 v The Clerk had informed the Council she would not be taking the National Salary Award.

20.61 vi The decision was taken not to give a donation to the Cobalt & NHS Partnership Charity.

20.61 vii The Chairman read out a letter from the Parish Clerk informing the Council of her retirement at the end of the financial year after serving for 12 years. Thanks were expressed to her for her long service. The PC could appoint a new Clerk themselves or HALC would undertake all the necessary procedures for a fee of £200. Councillor Bufton proposed that we appoint HALC to undertake this for us. All in agreement, but anyone local should be encouraged to apply.

20.62 NDP Update

2062 i To approve the minutes of the NDP meeting held on 14.10.2020. Approved.

20.61 ii The NDP Steering Group had received a total of 65 responses to the Issues and Options document out of 200 homes delivered to. There were some good constructive comments but also disappointingly, some negative ones with regard to the Newlands development.

20.62 iii Permission was given to communicate the results of the AECOM report to the Community. The Chairman asked that all Landowners who had submitted sites, were notified by letter first before the results were made public. The next Steering Group meeting would take place in January.

20.63 Planning Applications

 P204220: The Bryn, Stoke Lacy, conversion of outbuildings to 3 holiday lets. The Parish council had no objection. It was noted that an extension to a farm building at Meadow Farm, Hopton Lane had been approved and No further comments had been submitted by the PC on the Stokes Hill appeal.

20.64 Footpath Report

20.64 We were still awaiting the Landowner’s Footpath Responsibility leaflets but the Footpath Officer John Thompson, agreed to draft an accompanying letter to be sent out to all Landowners with footpaths on their land, which he would submit for approval prior to posting. He now had a completed list of names and addresses for communication purposes.

20.65 To Discuss sending a letter to Nunwell Surgery re: ordering of prescriptions. There was no support for this as it was felt there were plenty of options available.

20.66 Update on A465 Road matters.

106 Monies, Village Gates and SIDS already discussed as above. Councillor Reece asked if the Dog Fouling issue had been put on the Website and felt perhaps it should be, to bring the issue to people’s attention.

20.67 Clerks Report HALC Information Corner already emailed and Retirement letter dealt with as above.

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm.

Dates of next Parish Council Meetings:

Provisionally set, Covid 19 restrictions permitting.

All Wednesdays at 7.30 pm in Stoke Lacy Village Hall with social distancing and other precautions in place.

2021: 10th February: 10th March: 14th April:




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