Parish Council Meeting – 16th April 7:30pm


Dear Parish Councillors

You are summoned to attend the Parish Council meeting to be held remotely on Thursday 16th  April 2020 at 7.30pm   NOTE CHANGE OF DATE!

Yours sincerely

A P Westwood  Clerk                                                                                               9th April 2020


19.167 To receive and accept APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE                                                                      Clerk

19.168 To appoint James Wilson as Councillor to replace John Westwood                       Ch’man/Clerk

19.169 To witness signature of Acceptance of Office of Parish Councillor by James Wilson         Clerk

19.170 To receive Declaration of Interest and written dispensation requests for Disclosable     Clerk   pecuniary interests on agenda items

19.171 To approve NDP Planning Consultant (including Public Participation on this item)      Ch’man

19.172 Public Participation on other matters – 5 minutes                                                                Ch’man

19.173 Finance – Current a/c balance as at 1st March 2020:   £6218.99                                                           Clerk

19.173 i To approve draft accounts from 1st March to 1st April 2020 as distributed

19.173 ii To approve the payment of the Village Hall invoice £220

19.173 iii To note the VAT reclaim has been made for 2018/19 & 2019/20: £415.69

19.173 iv To note that the Annual Audit has been deferred due to the coranovirus epidemic

19.173 v To note that the request for the release of 106 monies due on the Newlands development has been made as 14 properties have now been sold

19.174 PROPOSAL made by Cllr Anne Reece

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and consequent reduction in Parish Council activities it is proposed that the Clerk’s hours be reduced from 7 to 4 per week, as from Monday 30th March 2020 until further notice             Seconded:     Vote:

19.175 PROPOSAL made by Cllr Anne Reece

This Parish Council proposes that it gives Devolved Powers to the Clerk to deal with minor Parish Council matters between Parish Council meetings, including paying invoices up to a value of £300 and replying to planning applications following emailed discussion with Parish Councillors.                            Seconded:       Vote:


19.176 i Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester’s report has been circulated and is on the Parish Council website

19.176 ii Due to the current epidemic the VE75 celebrations have been cancelled until further notice.

19.176 iii The Annual Parishioners’ Meeting and Annual Parish Council Meeting have been deferred for 2020 (this is in line National Government and HALC guidelines)



Future Parish Council meetings will be held remotely as deemed necessary during the current epidemic.   Notices of any future meetings will be posted on Stoke Lacy Parish Council three clear days before the date of that meeting, as will the means by which the public may take part



Members of the public are always welcome to attend Stoke Lacy Parish Council meetings

Alma Westwood, Clerk, Lampacre Cottage, Stoke Lane, Stoke Lacy, Bromyard, HR7 4HD

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