Ordinary meeting of Stoke Lacy Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 12th January 2022 at 7pm in Stoke Lacy Village Hall

Agenda 12 January 2022


Councillors are summoned to attend an ordinary meeting of the parish council on

Wednesday 12th January 2022 at 7.00pm in Stoke Lacy Village Hall



1/22       To receive apologies for absence.

2/22       To receive declarations of interest & written dispensation requests.

3/22       Public Session:

3.1/22  To raise matters from Ward Cllr Jonathan Lester’s verbal report.

3.2/22  To receive views of local residents on parish matters.

3.3/22  To receive presentation on Stoke Lacy Community Hub.

3.4/22  To receive presentation on the Cider Press.

4/22       To receive and approve the minutes from the extraordinary meeting of the parish council held on Monday the 29th November 2021.

5/22       Planning:  To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:

None at present.

6/22       Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP):  To receive update from Cllrs Morgan & Wilson and consider action.

7/22       Finance:

7.1/22  To receive finance reports from the Responsible Finance Officer.

7.2/22  To consider the following payments:

7.2.1/22  Eyelid Productions inv. 2781 annual website support £100.

7.2.2/22  Cllr Ivison expenses £30.

7.2.3/22  Stoke Lacy Village Hall hire charges inv. 926  £186.

7.2.4/22  Autela Payroll Services inv. 7910  £126 plus VAT.

7.2.5/22  Clerk salary Oct, Nov & Dec 2021  £977.01.

7.2.6/22  PAYE for Clerk  £244.20.

8/22       Footpaths report:  To receive SL Footpath Review December 2021 and consider action.

9/22       Cricks Green TRO:  To receive an update from Cllr Morgan and consider action.

10/22    Herefordshire Council decision on Section 106 monies, to include accessing funds for SID and village gates: To receive update from Cllr Lester and consider action.

11/22    Herefordshire Local Plan Update: To consider response.

12/22    Stokes Hill driveway enforcement: To receive update from Clerk and consider action.

13/22    Rain washed off Skyrmes Field: To receive update from Cllr Ivison and consider action.

14/22    Grass cuttings and brambles: To receive updates from Cllr Wilson and consider action.

15/22    Temporary access/footpath along A465:  To receive update from Clerk and consider action.

16/22    Land at Nether Court, Stoke Lacy: To consider future action.

17/22    West Mercia Police traffic survey data: To consider speed data and agree action.

18/22    Email development recommendation:  To consider Clerk’s recommendation and agree action.

19/22    PC website development:  To receive update from Cllr Wilson and consider action.

20/22    To raise matters for next scheduled meeting …

Paul Hayden – Parish Clerk   01531 670 139                                                                                      6th January 2022

Due to the current COVID situation Stoke Lacy Parish Council asks that you let the parish clerk know you wish to attend by emailing parishclerk@stokelacyparishcouncil.org.uk or telephone 01531 670 139.