Minutes Extra-Ordinary Meeting 26th July 2017

Minutes of the Extra-Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 26th July 2017 in Stoke Lacy Village Hall at 7.30pm

Councillor Janet Ivison (Vice Chairman); Councillors Clifford Bufton, Anne Reece and John Westwood
In attendance
Mrs Alma Westwood (Clerk)
Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester; 12 members of the public

In the absence of the Chairman, Councillor Neil Walters, Councillor Janet Ivison took the Chair as Vice Chairman.

1/17 To receive and accept APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
Councillor Neil Walters; apologies accepted

2/17 To receive DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST on Agenda items
Councillors Janet Ivison and John Westwood made declarations of non-pecuniary interests (Non-DPI) in item 3/17, as members of Stoke Lacy Village Hall Committee.
The Clerk declared the Parish Council was not quorate as two of the four members present were unable to vote. This meant that the planning application could be discussed but that no vote could be taken, but the Parish Council could advise the Clerk as to its feelings on the matter, noting that Councillor Walters had emailed Councillors and the Clerk as to his feelings.

3/17 To discuss and resolve response to revised PLANNING APPLICATION 160014: Land adjacent to Stoke Lacy Village Hall, HR7 4NG: Proposed erection of 10 new dwellings including 2 bungalows, new vehicular access and associated works, together with proposed gift of land to the Village Hall; on behalf of Mr N Symonds

The acting Chairman explained the revised application and as Chairman of the Village Hall Trustees she gave the response to it and to the proposed gift of land. She said the position, and area, of the proposed gift had not been made clear.

Public discussion ensued, with various issues being raised. Ward Councillor Lester was asked to respond, particularly with regard to the ‘weight’ which planners might attach to any views in support or against an application. He encouraged everyone present to use the consultation process and make a comment on the Herefordshire Planning website.

After long discussion, the Clerk was asked to write to Herefordshire Council Planning Department with the Parish Council’s views

  • Disappointment that the two affordable homes had been removed; a missed opportunity
  • Security of the Village Hall site if the hedge had to be removed to make way for the proposed 2m wide footpath
  • Health and Safety concerns regarding the siting of the proposed road crossing, if this was necessary
  • Speed calming measures required at both entrances to the village
  • Assurance that the orchard to the rear of the proposed development remains in place, as an integral part of the planning application

4/17 To discuss response to Planning Application 172398: proposed 2-storey and single storey extensions to Lower Woodend, Stoke Lacy, HR7 4HQ
The Parish Council had no objection to this application.

(all Wednesdays at 7.30pm)
13th September (discuss precept); 8th November (set Precept); 2017: 11th January; 14th March;
Annual Meetings: 8th May 2018, Parish Meeting at 7.30pm; Parish Council Meeting at 8pm

The meeting closed at 8.34pm.