Minutes Extra-Ordinary Meeting 10th February 2016

Minutes of the Extra-Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 10th February 2016 in Stoke Lacy Village Hall at 7.30pm

Councillor Neil Walters (Chairman); Councillors Clifford Bufton, Janet Ivison and Anne Reece and John Westwood
In attendance
Mrs Alma Westwood (Clerk)
Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester; 16 members of the public

1/16 To receive and accept APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
Mrs Margaret Woodley; Mrs Chris McNaught; Mr Colin Simmonds; accepted.

2/16 To receive DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST on Agenda item
Councillors Janet Ivison and John Westwood made declarations of non-pecuniary interests (Non-DPI) as members of Stoke Lacy Village Hall Committee.

3/16 To discuss PLANNING APPLICATION 160014: Land adjacent to Stoke Lacy Village Hall, HR7 4NG: Proposed erection of 25 new dwellings, new vehicular access and associated works, including new play area/open space; on behalf of Mr N Symonds
The Chairman put the application in context, then invited members of the public to speak on this matter.

Questions and concerns raised by members of the public included:

a. What the benefits to the community would be, as required by Herefordshire Core Strategy adopted in 2015
b. Concerns about whether people would wish to live here, where they would work, how they would travel to work, school, shops etc.
c. Increased volume of traffic on an already busy and dangerous stretch of road
d. The proposed development being sited on a dangerous part of the A465
e. The lack of amenities in the village and local area
f. The Core Strategy had identified Stoke Lacy/Stoke Cross as a settlement to have ‘a minimum of 15% growth to the end of the plan period’ (i.e.2031, 16 years). The 28 already agreed represented more than 15%, which would be potentially built within 5 years. Another development of 25 houses would be disproportionate to the size of the village as the two together would represent over 30% development
g. The density of the housing in this proposed development was not in character with a village location
h. The loss of a commercial orchard to housing
i. The loss of wildlife habitat
j. Drainage of surface water, inadequate drainage and contamination of the land
k. The Chairman invited Ward Councillor Lester to respond, which he did as follows:
i. Stoke Lacy/Stoke Cross had been identified as suitable for ‘proportionate and
sustainable development’ of ‘a minimum of 15% development to the end of the
plan period’; residents opposing the scheme should make a case that it
represented disproportionate development, and put it forward as an objection.

ii. It was key that everyone contacted Herefordshire Planning Dept with their
iii. A detailed ecological survey had to be carried out before any decision could
be made.
iv. If the Planning Officer was minded to approve the plan, Ward Councillor Lester
would ask that it went before the Planning Committee. Representatives would
then be given the opportunity to speak in favour or against the scheme.

After discussion with Councillors, the Chairman then made the following proposal:
‘That the Parish Council OBJECTS to this plan on the following grounds:
Disproportionality, unsuitability, and other issues’ (see the Parish Council’s letter to the Planning Officer as published on Stoke Lacy website)
Voting: For the motion: 3 Against: 0 Non-DPI: 2 Total Number of Councillors: 5
The motion was CARRIED.

(all Wednesdays): 9th March
Annual Meetings: 11th May 2016, Parish Meeting at 7pm; Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.