Minutes – 12th June 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 12thJune 2019 in Stoke Lacy Village Hall at 7.30pm



Councillor Janet Ivison Chairman); Councillors Anne Reece, Helen Bufton and Bill Morgan

In attendance

Mrs Alma Westwood (Clerk)

Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester



19.47 To receive and accept APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE 

Councillor John Westwood; apologies accepted


19.48 To receive DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST on Agenda items and written dispensation requests for disclosable pecuniary interests

Councillor Ivison declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 19.52 iii as Chairman of Stoke Lacy Village Hall Committee


19.49 TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Thursday 16thMay 2019. These were approved and signed, subject to amendment 19.41: Councillor Reece, not Councillor Bufton, volunteered as Footpaths Officer.


19.50 Ward Councillor’s and Police reports

19.50iWard Councillor Lester reported on the new constitution of Herefordshire Council, following the recent Parish and County elections.  Various Independent Parties were now in overall charge.  Ward Councillor Lester was still leader of the Conservatives and effectively leader of the Opposition.

19.50 ii No Police Report


19.51 Public Participation

No public participation



Current Account balance as at 1stJune 2019: £7406.55

19.52 i Draft accounts from 01.05.19 to 01.06.19 as distributed:APPROVED, subject to the current Bank Statement, which had not yet been received

19.52 ii The following payments were approved:

  • Zurich Insurance: £167.44.
  • Stoke Lacy Village Hall: Hall Hire Jan, Feb, Mar 6 hrs£72.00

19.52.iii Donation of £1000 to Stoke Lacy Village Hall approved; half payment of £500 made now; other half to be paid in January 2020


19.53 To Approve the following Parish Council Policies (copies as email to Parish Councillors): Code of Conduct; Standing Orders; Financial Regulation; Unreasonable Complaint Behaviour; Donations/Grants: all approved and signed

19.54 Update on Newlands, esp. viewing date, and other planning matters; Orchard Development; Stokes Hill driveway, holiday pods in Stoke Lane, holiday homes in Woodend Lane

Newlands Viewing date some time in July; sales launch on 22ndJune.; Orchard development: no update; Stokes Hill driveway still valid; holiday pods and holiday homes: both applications refused

Potential drainage problems from Newlands Development into Woodend Lane : the Clerk was instructed to write to Herefordshire Council Planning to explain to the Parish Council and Woodend Lane residents who signed off the surface water drainage scheme and why the Parish Council was not kept informed.

Neighbourhood Plan meeting: date to be arranged

Ward Councillor Lester left the meeting at 8.56pm.


19.55 To set dates for speaker on Neighbourhood Plan

The Clerk to confirm date in August/September if the officer is available


19.56 To note INFORMATION SHEET, Clerk’s report and Councillors’ matters

19.56 i To note that the accounts had now been internally audited.  The Annual Return does not have to be submitted to the External Auditors under the new Annual Audit arrangements.  Annual accounts to be published on the Parish Council website

19.56 ii Councillors to complete the required election expenses and Declaration of Interest forms

19.56 iii HALC courses and other information as already emailed

19.56 iv Other matters raised by Councillors:

Parish Gates, SIDs, road markings agreed with Herefordshire Council (TROW) from 106 agreement; dropped kerb and Pedestrians sign to be requested.

Councillor Bufton left the meeting at 9.25pm

Clean road signs; website to be updated; road sign by Church Farm broken (Clerk to contact Balfour Beattie about this and other matters)

Clerk to contact someone from Herefordshire Council waste & re-cycling team requesting someone come to give a Re-cycling workshop to a Parish Council meeting


The meeting closed at 9.45pm.



In the Village Hall at 7.30pm

NB: now Wednesdays MONTHLY (except December)

2019: 10th July;14thAug;11thSept;9thOct (discuss Precept);13thNov (set Precept)

2020: 8thJan;12thFeb; 11thMar; 8thApril; Ann. Parish & Parish Council meetings

13thMay at 7.30.pm and 8pm







Signed………………………………………Chairman             Date………………

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