Minutes 11th July 2018


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 11th July 2018 in Stoke Lacy Village Hall at 7.30pm

Councillor Councillor Janet Ivison (Chairman); Councillors Anne Reece and John Westwood
In attendance
Mrs Alma Westwood (Clerk)
Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester

The clerk declared the meeting quorate as three Parish Councillors were present

18/41To receive and accept APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
Councillor Helen Bufton; CSO Susan Berrett. Apologies accepted.

18/42To receive DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST and written dispensation requests for disclosable pecuniary interests on Agenda items
No interests were declared.

18/43 TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Wednesday 9th May 2018; these were approved and signed

18/44 i Ward Councillor Lester reported on Herefordshire Council matters, including: a. the budget consultation currently being undertaken;
b. deliberations on possible future provision for libraries, by an independent, not-for-profit organisation; Herefordshire Council had spent money on improvements to the library building and the Black-and-White House Museum
c. by-pass: decision on the route (out of seven possibilities) to be taken on 27th July;
d. Democracy week, when pupils from secondary schools had been invited to the Council;
e. potholes: people were encouraged to notify the clerk or report them direct to Herefordshire Council. No compensation for damage could be claimed by motorists if the pothole had been marked for repair
f. broadband cable laying: the Clerk reported on representations she had received from some members of the public, commenting mainly on the lack of communication regarding dates for road closures and when the work was to be carried out; Councillor Lester to pass these concerns to the appropriate officer at Herefordshire Council
Ward Councillor Lester left the meeting at 8pm.
18/44 ii No Police report.

18/45 There was no Public Participation

Current Account balance as at 1st July 2018: £6245.15
18/46 i Draft accounts from 1st May 2018 to 30th June 2018 as distributed: APPROVED.
18/46 ii Accounts for approval and payment:
• Stoke Lacy Village Hall: hall hire January, March, May 2018: £60
18/46 iii After seeing the Village Hall accounts, the donation of £1000 to Stoke Lacy Village Hall was APPROVED; £500 to be paid now, £500 in January 2019. Councillor Ivison and Councillor Westwood declared an interest as Chairman of the Village Hall committee and committee member
18/46 iv Councillor Westwood proposed that one or two seats be purchased for Millennium Wood, from the proceeds of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 (£600 in funds): it was AGREED that Councillors would carry out research and report back to September’s meeting. The Clerk was also asked to approach local businesses for possible sponsorship

18/47 Update on Newlands and Orchard Developments especially regarding SIDs and the footpath, and other planning matters.
a Newlands: there were still some outstanding reserved conditions to be resolved; no news on the provision of SIDs or repair/improvement to the footpath. Councillors to research the type of SID they would prefer to be installed and report back to September’s meeting
b. Orchard Development: No update had been received to date
c. Other planning matters: 181892: approved
174590: PV installation: refused; 180589 Bramble Cottage: approved
181966 Newlands temporary notice boards: valid
182480: Upper Edgeley: extension to existing outbuilding: valid

18/48 A465 – overtaking lane on Stoke Hill
Councillor Bufton had reported to the clerk on a recent accident involving 3 cars at the top of the hill, when police were called. The Clerk was asked to contact CSO Sue Berrett and Ian Connolly again re: this unsafe area of road

18/49 To note INFORMATION SHEET and Clerk’s Report
18.49 i To note that the accounts had now been internally audited; the Annual Return did not have to be submitted to the External Auditors under the new Annual Audit arrangements. The annual Accounts were now published on the Parish Council website
18/49 ii As already emailed: Correspondence from Anthony Bush, HALC courses, etc.
18/48 iii Broadband cable laying: see 18/44 f above.
18/49 iv Councillors did not raise matters for information/clarification.

Planning; purchase of seating; A465 overtaking lane; costs for solar-powered SIDs

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm.

DATES FOR FUTURE PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS to May 2019 (All Wednesdays in Village Hall at 7.30pm)
2018: 12th Sept (discuss Precept); 14th Nov (set Precept)
2019: 9th Jan; 13th Mar; Annual Parish & Parish Council meetings: 8th May at 7.30 & 8pm.
Members of the public are always welcome to attend Parish Council meetings


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