Draft – Minutes 10th July 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 10thJuly 2019 in Stoke Lacy Village Hall at 7.30pm



Councillor Janet Ivison (Chairman); Councillors Anne Reece (arrived late), John Westwood and Bill Morgan

In attendance

Mrs Alma Westwood (Clerk)

CSO Jack Davies; 2 members of the public

19.58 To receive and accept APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE                                         Councillor Helen Bufton; Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester; CSO Susan Berrett.

Apologies accepted

19.59 To receiveDECLARATIONS OF INTEREST and writtern dispensation requests for disclosable pecuniary interests on Agenda items

No interests were declared.

19.60 TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Wednesday 12thJune 2019; these were approved and signed


19.61 i Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester emailed a report giving a vote of thanks to all who helped at the Morgan 110 event on 6thJuly.  He then gave a review of Council business and recommended that everyone regularly looked at Herefordshire Council website for updates.

Councillor Reece arrived at 7.35pm, with apologies

19.61 ii PCSO Jack Davies reported on Stoke Lacy matters, including speeding through Crick’s Green.  He recommended a 50mph sign be painted on the road and a ‘Hidden Dip’ sign erected.  A speed survey would take place in Stoke Lacy when the speed gun had been re-calibrated. The members of the public reported on a motorbike coming through the village at a very high speed regularly at about 4.30am. PCSO Davies said he would get this monitored.

The Chairman asked PCSO Davies if he would put a notice on a car which had been parked in the village hall over a period of time, without permission.

Otherwise there were no problems in the village, but PCSO Davies encouraged residents to contact him or PCSO Berrett to report issues.


See Item 19.61 ii above


Current Account balance as at 1stJuly 2019: £6307.11

6/16 i Draft accounts from 1stJune 2019 to 1stJuly 2019 as distributed:APPROVED.

6/16 ii The following payment was approved:

  • Invoice from 5thApril 2018 (SID deployment November 2017):£300 £50 VAT (this account had not been received previously)

19.64 iUpdate on Newlands and Orchard Developments, esp. regarding storm water drainage

The clerk had written to Mr Andrew Davies, Planning Officer for Stoke Lacy area, asking for a written response as to whose responsibility it was to ensure the provision for storm water drainage on both the Newlands and Orchard development sites and assurance given to the Parish Council that such provision was adequate to cope with 100-year eventualities

The clerk was asked to write and request the Parish Council had a site visit of the drainage system and was provided with a plan of the drains as they go down the fields

Newlands launch 22ndJune: Councillor Ivison reported that 40 people had registered an interest, at least 2 houses were reserved and 2 sold sstc,, with interest from local people, which was what the Parish Council had hoped for.

Orchard development: No news.

No planning applications had been received this month

ii 106 matters

Suggestions: SIDs and gates with village name at either end of the village;  possible dropped kerb and ‘pedestrians’ sign by the village hall

Red road markings and white lines up Stoke Hill had not yet been re-painted

16.65 A465 Crick’s Green

Red markings, 50mph sign and solid lines to be painted on road; ‘Hidden Dip’ sign; requested; endorsed by PCSO Davies

Request a further speed check for late summer 2019 or spring/summer 20 20

Community Concern’ signs to be erected; Parish Council agreed to fund these

16.66 Dates for speakers: Neighbourhood Plan; Waste Disposal workshop; SmartWater

Neighbourhood Plan: 9thOctober (Parish Council meeting)

Waste Disposal workshop: t.b.a.: early 2020

SmartWater: t.b.a., a.s.a.p.

19.67 To note Information and Clerk’s Report and matters which Councillors wished to raise for information/clarification

I HALC courses etc as emailed

Ii Councillors’ training: Monday 19thAugust 7-9 in the village hall

Iii Proposed Town and Parish Councillors’ Allowances Scheme: Councillors did not want this

Iv The Chairman thanked all who helped with the road sign cleaning, litter picking and general tidying up of the hedges and verges

V The Clerk was asked to find out costs for outside agencies to run the parish council website and report back to August’s meeting

Vi Suggested an invitation to the Neighbourhood Plan presentation in October be sent to all households with August (?) Cider Press


.Newsletter/Cider Press: possible co-operation (Mrs Chris McNaught to speak to Council)



The Parish Council now meets monthly except December(all Wednesdays at 7.30pm):

2019: 14thAug; 11thSept; 9thOct (discuss Precept); 13thNov (set Precept);

2020: 8thJan; 12thFeb; 11thMarch; 8thApril

Annual Parish Meeting & Annual Parish Council Meeting: 13thMay @ 7.30pm & 8pm.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.

Members of the public are always welcome to attend Parish Council meetings