Courier Fraud – Note From Sue Thomas

Operation Panga – Courier Fraud offences

I seek your assistance please to communicate an important message out to our communities to prevent elderly victims being “conned” by an ongoing series of fraud offences.

Operation Panga is the name attached to the Courier fraud offences and these offences have been ongoing for a couple of years with sporadic offences across the Force area at various stages.

Since the beginning of November 2019, a series has developed and hit Herefordshire hard with 140 offences to date. Of these, unfortunately, 9 have been successful in handing over money totalling approx £70,000.

The method of offending is such that a phone call is made to an elderly (mainly female) victim stating they are a Police Officer and advising them that their accounts have been compromised and that someone at the bank is involved.  They are instructed to withdraw their funds and an officer will collect it and secure it at the police station.

There are different methods used but all of them recently have involved Police Officers. Some other methods see the caller saying they are from HMRC or the banks themselves.

The key message is to inform as many as possible and for them to talk to their family, friends and work colleagues. The message is simple:-

The Police or any other professional organisation will not call you to ask you to move money. This is a bogus call so please hang up and contact the Police.

 Please get this message out to as many as possible and lets work together to prevent any further offending.

Thank you

Sue Thomas

Superintendent – Policing Commander


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