An ordinary meeting of the parish council will be held on Wednesday the 8th June 2022 at 7pm in the Village Hall

Agenda 8 June 2022


Councillors are summoned to attend an ordinary meeting of the parish council on

Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 7.00pm in Stoke Lacy Village Hall



104/22   To receive apologies for absence.

105/22   To receive declarations of interest & written dispensation requests.

106/22   Public Session:

106.1/22  To raise matters from Ward Cllr Jonathan Lester’s verbal report.

106.2/22  To receive views of local residents on parish matters.

107/22   To receive and approve the minutes from the annual meeting of the parish council held on Wednesday the 11th May 2022.

108/22   Planning:  To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:

None at present.

109/22   Finance:

              109.1/22  To receive finance reports from the Responsible Finance Officer.

109.2/22  Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR):

109.2.1/22 To consider the internal audit report.

109.2.2/22 To approve and sign the Annual Governance Statement for 2021/22.

109.2.3/22 To consider and approve the accounting procedure is to continue on a

receipt / payment basis.

109.2.4/22 To consider eligibility for audit exemption and sign the certificate.

109.2.5/22 To consider the dates for the public to exercise their rights.

109.3/22  To consider the following payments:

109.3.1/22 Clerk’s May salary £334.59.

109.3.2/22 Reimburse Clerk for Platinum Jubilee and defibrillator purchases £ 750.40.

110/22   Cricks Green TRO:  To receive an update from Cllr Lester and the Clerk (to include info from PCSO Stephenson) and consider action.

111/22   Herefordshire Council decision on Section 106 monies, to include accessing funds for SID and village gates: To receive update from Cllr Lester and Clerk and consider action.

112/22   West Mercia Police traffic survey data: To receive update from Cllr Davies and consider action.

113/22   West Mercia Police Community Charter. To receive reply from PCSO Berrett on enforcement statistics and from Cllr Lester on road calming measures and their impact on reducing speed.

114/22   Footpaths Officer’s report:  To receive report from parish footpaths officer and Cllr Davies updating actions and consider action.

115/22   Stoke Lacy proposed village footpath:  To receive update from Cllr Davies on feasibility study.

116/22   Parish council communications: To receive parish digital venue proposal from Cllr Davies and consider action.

117/22   Stokes Hill driveway enforcement: To receive update from Clerk and consider action.

118/22   Rain washed off Skyrmes Field: To receive update from Cllr Ivison and consider action.

119/22   HM Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration. Members roundup.

120/22   Land at Nether Court, Stoke Lacy: To receive update from Clerk.

121/22   To raise matters for next scheduled meeting …


Paul Hayden – Parish Clerk   01531 670 139                                                                                  31st May 2022