Agenda – Parish Council Meeting 9th Jan 2019



Dear Councillor

You are summoned to attend the meeting of the parish council to be held on WEDNESDAY 9th JANUARY 2019 in Stoke Lacy VillageHallat 7.30pm.

Yours sincerely                                                                                  

Alma Westwood  Clerk


 Members of the public are welcome to attend all Stoke Lacy Parish Council meetings.




19.1 Welcome andto receive and acceptAPOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE                                                   Clerk


19.2 To receive DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST on agenda items                                                      Clerk                            

19.3 To approveMINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING14thNovember 2018                                       Ch’man

and EXTRA-ORDINARY MEETING28thNovember 2018


19.4  PUBLIC PARTICIPATION  (15 minutes)                                                                                Ch’man

Members of the public may also comment on other Agenda items if invited to do so by the Chairman.


19.5 WARD COUNCILLOR’S & POLICE REPORTS                                                                    Ch’man

19.5 i Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester

19.5ii CSO Susan Berrett


19.6  FINANCE– Current a/c balance as at 31stDecember 2018: £6681.30                                            Clerk

19.6 i To approve draft accounts from 1stNovember to 31stDecember 2017 as distributed

19.6 ii To approve the following payments:

  • Stoke Lacy Village Hall invoice: £68
  • Stoke Lacy website annual fee – to Jo Davies
  • Clerk: HP 3 replacement ink cartridges (half cost): £41
  • 2ndhalf of grant to Stoke Lacy Village Hall:£500
  • HALC Clerk’s training 22.11.18: £36 incl. £6 VAT


19.7 PLANNING APPLICATIONS and DECISIONS                                                                               Clerk


19.8 INFORMATION SHEETand CLERK’S COMMENTS and discuss as necessary                         Clerk

19.8 i As already emailed: correspondence, HALC courses, etc

19.8 ii Update on A465 matters and Balfour Beatty works to minor roads


19.9. To accept ITEMS FOR CONSIDERATION FOR NEXT AGENDA                                            Clerk


DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS                                                                                                            Clerk

All meetings held on Wednesdays at 7.30pm in Stoke Lacy Village Hall

Next PCC meeting: 13 March;

Parish Council Elections: Thursday 2ndMay 2019

Current Parish Councillors step down on Wednesday 1stMay 2019

Annual Parish meeting followed by Annual Parish Council meeting: 8 May, @ 7.30pm & 8pm

New Councillors will be welcomed and sworn in at this meeting




Alma Westwood, Clerk, Lampacre Cottage, Stoke Lane 01885 490286                                                31.12.18.



If you would like to become a Parish Councillor, please put your name forward for the May elections.

For advice on how to stand, please contact the clerk..


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