Agenda – Parish Council Meeting 14th Nov 2018


Dear Councillor

You are summoned to attend the meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 14thNovember 2018 in Stoke Lacy Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Yours sincerely

APWestwood                                                                                     30thOctober 2018





18/61 To receive and acceptAPOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE                                                        Clerk/Ch’man


18/62 To receive DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST and written dispensation requests for            Clerk

Disclosable pecuniary interests on agenda items


18/63 HLF PROJECT: UPDATE                                                                                                      John Davies


18/64 To approve MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING12thSeptember 2018                                   Ch’man


18/65 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (15 minutes)                                                                                   Ch’man

Members of the public may also comment on other Agenda items if invited to do so by the Chairman.


18/66 WARD COUNCILLORS’ & POLICE REPORTS                                                                  Ch’man

18/66 i Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester

18/66 ii CSO Susan Berrett


18/67 FINANCE– Current a/c balance as at 31stOctober 2018: £7157.29                                                 Clerk

18/67 i To approve draft accounts from 1stSeptember to 31stOctober 2018

18/67 ii To approve the following payments:

  • SLCC: Regional Training Seminar 2018 £90 incl. £15 VAT;
  • books:
  • SLCC: Local Council Administration 2018 edition; Governance & Accountability for

Smaller Authorities in England: £123.   Cheque total: £213.99

18/67 iii To discuss the Budget and set the Precept for 2019/20 (Local Councils’ election 2019)


18/68 ROAD SAFETY ISSUES including speed calming measures at Crick’s Green                              Ch’man


18/69 PLANNING APPLICATIONS AND PERMISSIONS                                                                Clerk

Ivy Cottage and Woodend Business Park still valid; Parish Council no objection


18/70  To  note CLERK’S REPORT, INFORMATION SHEET; discuss as necessary

18/70 i As already emailed: correspondence from Anthony Bush, HALC courses, etc

18/70  ii Update on Newlands and Orchard developments


18/71To accept ITEMS FOR CONSIDERATION FOR NEXT AGENDA                                            Clerk


DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS                                                                                                                  Clerk

All meetings held on Wednesdays at 7.30pm in Stoke Lacy Village Hal

2019:  9thJan; 13thMarch

Annual Parish meeting followed by Annual Parish Council meeting: 8thMay @ 7.30pm &8pm


Members of the public are always welcome to attend Parish Council meetings




Alma Westwood, Clerk, Lampacre Cottage, Stoke Lane   01885 490286

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