Agenda – Parish Council meeting 11th June 2020


Dear Parish Councillors

You are summoned to attend the Parish Council meeting to be held remotely on Thursday 11th June 2020 at 7.30pm                                                                                                                                                 Yours sincerely

A P Westwood,  Clerk


20.12 To receive and accept APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Clerk

20.13 To receive DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST and written dispensation requests for disclosable pecuniary interests on Agenda items

20.14. TO APPROVE the Minutes of the previous meeting held remotely by  Zoom on 16th April  2020

20.15 To receive WARD COUNCILLOR’S AND POLICE REPORTS (available on Parish Council website)

20.16 FINANCE Current account balance as at 1st May 2020:£8509.76 half-year precept paid in Clerk

20.16 i To approve draft accounts from 1st April to 1st June as distributed

20.16 ii To approve payment of Herefordshire Council’s invoice: recharge for Stoke Lacy Parish uncontested Parish Council Elections for 2nd May 2019: £72.77        

20.17 To discuss and agree response to Planning Application No. 201390: application for the erection of one wooden holiday bungalow in Woodend Lane

20.17 i To receive representations from a nominated resident of Woodend Lane and any other member/s of tge pyblic – max. 5 minutes

20.17 ii Councillors to consider and record the Parish Council’s response to Herefordshire Planning authority on this application

20.18 NDP update

20.19 To note CLERK’S REPORT                                                                                                                       

i Christian Meanwell is hoping to meet with the owner of the garden which has the bus stop in its hedge in order to discuss her preferences for the rear of the new bus stop

ii Double white lines through Crick’s Green: the Clerk and Councillor Morgan are pursuing this issue

iii Herefordshire Council Planners have issued an Enforcement Notice on the owners of Stoke Hill re: the driveway, wall and gateway to Stoke Hill following refusal of planning permission

NB: The numbering on this agenda is not in sequence with that on the previous agenda dated 9th April 2020 as this had been incorrectly numbered; it should have numbered from 20.01 to 20.11.  My apologies for this error.   Corrected numbering is on April’s minutes.  APWestwood, Clerk.

Whilst social distancing rules are in place the Parish Council is not allowed to meet in the Village Hall. The date and manner of the next Parish Council meeting will be advertised on the Parish Council website when it has been set by the Parish Council.

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